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18 August 2008

SO thankful!

So I've realized, I'm SO lucky to already have a job. I seriously feel so blessed that it just fell straight into my lap with really zero grunt work on my behalf.

I'm reading all of these message boards on facebook and on the NYCTF website about there being just zero postitions within the NYC system and it's really shocking to me. Maybe it's just because I'm in special ed, which is such a high need area, but there are really slim pickings in terms of jobs. I guess the crappy economy has even affected education.

I've read a lot of posts about people going traditional route (getting a bachelors in ed.) and having to go their first year as a substitute in order ot establish the necessary connections to secure a job. Maybe these people just aren't willing to work in high-needs schools? I mean you get paid the same amount regardless of what school you work at. I just don't get it. I've also read a lot of things about age discrimination in hiring... it seems a lot of schools are looking for the enthusiastic, young teachers and not as much for the 50-year-old career changer teachers.

In more positive news, mom's visit was a complete success. On Tuesday, we went to visit my school and I think it's safe to say she was more than just impressed by the amazing atmosphere. I'm so glad that she liked it and felt comfortable, I think it was definitely a relief for her. Then we went to the REAL Little Italy.... Arthur Ave. in the Bronx. It was great... we learned about how to cook stomachs, ate some amazing sandwiches, and also indulged in quite possibly the best cannoli outside of Italy. Tuesday night, we saw RENT on Broadway. It was amazing and great and everything I hoped it would be. We stopped at a bar that I go to a lot on the way home, but only stayed for one drink because we were both exhausted.

On Wednesday, we slept in a little bit then did some tourist things. Walked around lower Manhattan near the WTC site and South Street Seaport, then did some good shopping in Soho. That evening we met up with a friend of mine for some great Latin food... something that is definitely harder to come by in Michigan. To end the night, we went to a German place to have a few huge German beers and relive the great Munich days. And to top it off, in true New York style, on the way home we stopped to get (what I think is) the best pizza in my area, and I think it's safe to say that Mom fell in love with New York pizza at that moment.

Thursday, we did some shopping for school stuff at Staples and home stuff at Bed Bath and Beyond. ((Thank you again, Mom!!!)) We just sorta wandered around the Upper West Side and had a pretty relaxing afternoon, capped off by some more pizza (at the same place, of course). Mom had to leave in the afternoon, right as a huge storm came in. Thankfully though, we didn't have any bad weather when she was here!

Next up, Dad's visit this weekend. And lots of rest and relaxation for me before I have to go back to work on the 28th. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a perfect break from work! Enjoy the rest while you can. I went back to work today and it's almost as if I haven't been out of school for six weeks... :-(