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06 August 2008

God Bless Target

I was in a rather foul mood when I had to wake up this morning at 6 am and travel 1 hr 28 mins (according to to get to a workshop at the end of the Earth in Brooklyn this morning.  However, this was all reversed when I emerged from the subway station and saw a gleaming, huge, new, Target!!!!!

Not having been in a Target for 2 months is harder than I thought.  I don't know how I did it when I lived in Germany. 

Did you know that Target has a smell???  All Targets smell the same!  It all came back to me when I walked in.  Anyways the whole reason for this renewed love affair is their $1 section right when you get in the store.  Someone at Target is VERY smart and must be my cosmic twin, because this week their theme (or whatever) is TEACHER THINGS!!!!  

I've been worrying about getting things for my class for a long time.  I have this horrible nightmare that my classroom will be bare and my students won't have the games, toys, and manipulatives that they need in order to be successful learners.  Part of it is an irrational fear, but I think a lot of it is quite legitimate.

So today, I got a ton of puzzles (stuff like colors, body parts, letters, etc), pencils (for the treasure box), books, stamps, clippy things for the white board, flashcards, and a bunch of other $1 things that I thought would be useful.  So I got 2 huge bags of stuff, and it cost under $25!!!!!!!

Basically, I'm elated and relieved.  Thank you Target, for always being there for me.


Mom said...

sometimes it's just the simple things in life - like an available Target - to really cheer up a girl! Glad you came upon it!

Beth said...

Target is the best!!

Anonymous said...

Sigh... no Target where I live. Apparently, teachers over here are not likely to invest in either their classroom or their students, because there are no teacher sales here. Just none. How depressing.