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10 August 2008

Funny Video // Sunday

This is the funniest video ever... please watch.  Especially if you love Rick Astley.  

Today was the perfect Sunday.  Got up early, took a run in Riverside Park, went to a beautiful church, did some window shopping, bought some amazing books about autism, went to my favorite cafe, had some great coffee and did some reading, then came home and listed to the rain while reading some more.  And then had yummy left over spaghetti for dinner.

Sunday is definitely my favorite day of the week.  

And Mom comes in 2 days!!!  We have lots planned, I'm super excited for her to finally see my neighborhood, apartment, and general New York things that I do all the time now. :)

1 comment:

Mom said...

aren't Sunday's just the best? Definitely my favorite day of the week too.

I am definitely beyond excited to see you in a couple days!!! I cannot wait to get a little glimpse of your new life :-) I'm looking so forward just being with you sharing good times - life doesn't get any better than that!!