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19 August 2008

Miss A: Future Gossip Girl Star??

Well, today I got to see my first TV show being filmed. None other than the New York centric Gossip Girl. There have been these film trailers outside of the Columbia campus for a few days now, with the names "Lucy" and "Desi" on them. So I figured I'd walk through campus and see what I could see. First, I saw a huge group of people (I'm assuming they were extras) in ridiculously nice designer clothes. So that should have been my first clue.

So then I just walk across campus, and pass a sign basically saying that if you decide to walk past this you are releasing your rights to being filmed. By this point, I'm just thinking, "sweet, I'm going to be in a I Love Lucy remake." I walk right across the main "quad" type area and find a group of people standing there watching a limo scene. Hmm... limo in I Love Lucy?????

Then I quickly realize that I just walked straight across the set while filming. I feel bad for about a second, but then remember that no one stopped me so it must have been ok. I try to decipher the person in the limo but still have no clue. At first, I think it's Jude Law. Then, after closer examination, I realize that Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) is looking directly at me. How embarassing. They continue the scene and he gets out of the limo and then the director announces that they're having a lunch break.

I hate to be the stereotypical Midwestern transplant, but I'm a tad star struck, even though I've seen Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford around Chelsea before, which is where Perez Hilton tells me that they live. So that's my first tw0-time celeb sighting and first time tv show filming sighting. Oh New York. Thank God I actually took the time to do my hair today, lest I actually show up in an episode.

PS: Read more about this here.

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