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28 August 2008


Wow, where to begin.

Today was the first day of teachers reporting back. I was told to be there at 8:10am, but then found out that the stuff didn't start till 9. But we had to be there early. And do nothing.

Anyways, once we got started, it was a lot of boring administrative stuff via a huge staff meeting. Then, we got our class lists and schedules. I have 2 prep periods every day + lunch. So that's pretty awesome. And I have (as of right now) only 5 students. They're mostly actually 5 years old, even though it's first grade. So they're probably super teeny tiny and (hopefully) really cute.

Of course, I couldn't find my class. It's not numbered and no one knew which room it was, not even my AP (grrrrreat). We had to actually use the extention (same as my room number) and play "find the ringing phone" to find my room. But, eventually we found it and it was HUGE! It also came with about 20 desks and full size chairs. Of course, I don't need any of those, so me and my paras had a great time moving those.

My paras seem good, and everyone tells me I got lucky with them. They also know a lot, which is both good and bad. Good for obvious reasons, but bad because it's hard for me to feel like I'm the one really in charge. I'm doing a lot of what they're suggesting to me, and I don't want them to think its because I'm a push over or something, I just really have no clue what I'm doing at this point.

Anyways, I have to cut this short. I still need to figure out where I'm putting what in my room and figure out how I'm going to lug all of this up to the Bronx tomorrow.

Just letting you know that I survived.


Mom said...

You are going to do MUCH MORE than survive - you are going to THRIVE! Being overwhelmed at this point is definitely understandable - there would be something seriously wrong with you if you were just blase about the whole thing. Your kids are going to be so lucky to have you for a teacher - and it sounds like you did get lucky with your paras. I saw how the paras loved you when you were student teaching - i have no doubt you will have the same repoire(sp?) with these paras in no time!

I admire your fearlessness so much (and even more than that, I admire that even when you are fearful, you NEVER let that stop you). That's even more impressive!! You're an incredible person you know - (of course you had the good genes--haha!!)

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that it is very typical to be overwhelmed, especially since you are new at this! But even for us veteran teachers, the first few days are always overwhelming. Good luck!