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31 August 2008

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea...

So I bought a Raffi CD for my class. And wow, does it bring back the memories!!

This should be sign number 1 that I am too young to be teaching... the things I get for my classroom are things that I remember from being a kid, and still love them. I mean how can you not love Raffi?!??!?

The CD is called "Animal Songs" so I'm pretty excited about all of it. The other CD that I got is a 4 disc set called "101 Toddler Favorites" (it's not Raffi, unfortunately). Some day, in the very far future, when I have kids... I'm going to be so good with the songs. I will probably know all 101 of those songs by the 2nd week of teaching. I'm not a fan of silence, especially in a class with 5 year olds, so we'll probably be playing music a lot. We'll see what the kids can handle I guess.

Anyways I need to start planning what we'll be doing on Tuesday... and also try to figure out if I actually have a curriculum, or if I simply follow the "I do what I want!" philosophy. I have a hunch that it's the latter of those two options...

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