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05 August 2008


So someone came across my blog by searching "2 in his pants" on google.  Yep, 2 as in poop.  I hope they found what they were looking for.

Anyways training is over = FREEDOM!  Had some great celebrations with fellow Fellows this past weekend... I already feel like I'm in withdraw though from my Fellows friends and just from having stuff to do!  This will pass though, I'm sure.  I don't miss the masters classes, but I do miss the kids.  I'll be seeing enough of them soon though.

So today on my first official day off, I went to the beach.  Me and a friend took the Long Island Railroad all the way out to Long Beach, which is, you guessed it, on Long Island.  It was a beautiful day and I greatly enjoyed being by the ocean... it's been too long.

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Anonymous said...

Just so you'd know: I just visited your blog through my blogroll...! ;-D