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07 September 2008

Pimpin' ain't easy.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm not a morning person.  It usually takes me about an hour to really wake up and get to a place in my head where I can actually talk to people.

Every morning, I get off the bus near my school at about 7:30.  By this time, I've already been awake for like 2 hours, so I'm definitely able to talk.  The first person I talk to everyday?

A pimp.  Or at least a man who dresses up exactly like one.  I'm talking top hat, crocodile shoes, cane, and suit, all matching in some ridiculous color.

No joke... he stands near the bus stop and every morning he says "Well good morning Miss Teacha."  And I respond with a cordial "good morning" back to him.  It's not like he's saying anything offensive, lewd, or inappropriate, so not responding would just be rude, honestly. 

That's what you get for working in the Bronx, I guess.... :)


Donna said...

BE CAREFUL!!!! I guess I've been watching "Law and Order" too much....which is filmed right down on Riverside Drive. HOW does he even know you are a teacher? Love ya!

Mom said...

Yeah, I second what Donna said!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on surviving your first week! It's the basis of the rest of the year. Concerning the vomiting girl, I was in charge of an autistic boy who would throw up about 10 times a day. Since then I've gotten more used to it, but it's still disgusting.