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04 September 2008

I think I'm gonna vom...

Woo for bodily fluids inside schools.

I don't deal with the toileting of my children (some are still in pull-ups, ALL need assistance), but today I had to deal with another bodily fluid.  Vomit.

Ms. New Girl came into the cafeteria for breakfast with her mother (because she's still not assigned a bus...) and immediately started crying.  I was thinking "ok, a few tears, she does this often, no big".  She keeps whining a little then stops and we get to the hallway to go upstairs and all of the sudden she stops and just vomits.  On the floor.  On my SHOE.  Good thing I had plastic flip flops on.

I'm just thankful it didn't happen in my room... the smell was horrendous and even though it was cleaned up quickly, I would have been sick and probably imagining the smell in my head for the whole day.

Went to the nurse with her mom, which took out about 20 mins. of my instructional time.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.  Especially when it comes to reassuring the parent who a. has a child in Kindergarten, and b. doesn't speak English very well.  I'm really trying to make the parents feel comfortable with me and with the school environment, and these are the necessary steps, even though it's inconvenient.  I had to act as part translator (even though I don't speak her native language) and part caring teacher concerned with why my student was so upset about coming to my class.  

Another student had a major meltdown in the cafeteria right next to our table... screaming, needed to be restrained, lashing out violently, etc etc.  So the mother thought that set her off into getting upset and crying, which is totally possible.  Or she may have just woken up on the wrong side of the bed.  Never a dull day... I swear.

PS:  My kids are ROCKSTARS at lining up and being quiet in the hallway.  We started this routine today and already got complimented 3 times by other teachers in the halls.  One battle down... many more to fight.. :)

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Mom said...

Oh man - I can just picture it - poor little sweetie that just lost her cookies right then & there!

And yes, many more battles to fight but you are ready for it!

Just remember - 'never a dull moment' is a GOOD thing! It means you are LIVING!!!!