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05 September 2008

Getting my rhythm

Today I finally felt like a teacher.  It's all about rhythm and transition with my students.  Making sure each activity is long enough, but not too long.  Giving them enough breaks so that they don't get overwhelmed.  Getting into a routine and not deviating from it AT ALL.

We go to the bathroom at specific times.  We line up the same way and in the same order each time.  We always wash our hands before eating (and go in the same order that we walk in the halls in).  We always sit in the same seats.  We always listen to the same music.  We always do the same routine in the morning and at snacktime.

These routines are constantly being tweaked though, as I learn more about my kids and how to manage them more efficiently.  It's all just a learning process.  Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get some work done for next week.  Next week, I wanna focus on schedules, symbols, and songs.  

Kids with autism need VERY detailed schedules with pictures... but of course this takes time and a lot of thinking.  For symbols, I basically just need to label everything in my room.  Everything.  And for songs... I just need to get some basic and easy songs that we can sing in the morning, when we clean up, when it's snack time, time to line up, etc.

I must say though, my school is amazing.  It's not even the administrators.  It's the other teachers who make it so great.  Everyone is so helpful and there are so many teachers I can go to for advice or help with certain students.  This isn't the norm... I don't know how I got so lucky!  Everyone has an open door policy.  Today, one of my kids old teachers came to me with a burned CD that she thought he'd like.  She didn't have to do that... I didn't ask her to... she just thought it would be helpful and did it.  It's great to get help before you even need to ask.

Anyways, I'm out.  Time to go have a life (aka go out and partake in adult activities).  Most of my day is spent playing, coloring, reading, and washing hands... none of that tonight.  Except maybe washing hands... that's important.  Michigan game tomorrow..... please please please win?

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Mom said...

Dang girl - you better be so proud of yourself! I know just how happy I am at who you are and what you are doing - you are AMAZING!!!!!