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14 September 2008

No Sunday Funday

Another Sunday... another week.  The weekends are definitely not long enough.  Had a fun weekend, but still... I need more time!!!

Friday, I went to happy hour with NYCTF people right after work.  Besides the fact that it was pouring and I was sans umbrella, it was a great time.  It's great to compare stories and just complain in general about all things teaching, NYCTF, or grad school related.  Got home pretty early and went to bed around 11pm.  It's nice to start drinking earlier, because then you go to bed earlier.

Saturday, I just relaxed for pretty much the whole day.  Then I went to Hoboken to watch one of the most disappointing Michigan games ever.  It's not like ND played exceptionally well, we were just exceptionally horrible.  Saturday night I stayed in Hoboken for a while... went out for dinner and then out for drinks for one of my friends birthdays.  We also made a stop at her boyfriends frat house and I was reminded what college feels like.  It was a nice reminder but I'm happy to be removed from that lifestyle... 4 years is enough.

Today, I went shopping (for teacher things of course.... did you know desk organizers were so expensive?!??!?!?) and did work at a coffee shop with some teacher friends.  I worked on those ridiculous assessments and lesson plans for quite a bit of time, yet still feel like I didn't get anything done.  Oh the neverending work.

Monday Monday, why are you here already????


Mom said...

You are a busy girl, that is FOR SURE!!! I agree with you - weekends are NEVER long enough -

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain...I spent a few hours grading papers last night (I teach HS), and because I didn't finish I sit again...grading papers. Sometimes I feel like this is the only thing I ever do! At least the week (For me) goes quickly...if only the weekends went slower! When's the next holiday????

Anonymous said...

It's so true. The weekend is over before you even know. Fortunately, we have a new weekend coming up. Enjoy every minute of it!