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10 September 2008

Pee pee time

Ah, those magic words.  I swear I've heard The New Girl say these words before, but alas, today was not one of those days.  I was doing one to one instruction with her this morning when all of the sudden, my foot was wet.  I look down and sure enough, a huge puddle was forming on the floor.  Yep, I got peed on.  Or, according to the other teachers, "christened into the big kids club".

The most frustrating thing about it is that I don't even know if she realized what she did.  She was in La-La Land.... literally.  Rocking back and forth and singing some incomprehensible song.  I told her to look and kept repeating "yucky, no, you need to tell us 'pee pee'", but I don't know if she heard one word.  (I know, this might not have been the "correct" thing to say, but whatever, I'm learning).

And that's the most frustrating thing about kids with autism and the reason that a lot of my teacher friends prefer to work with the emotionally disturbed set as oppose to the autism population.  Sometimes it's like, how do you know if you're getting through.... on ANY level?  As I led her to the bathroom to change into a different set of clothes, she was still singing the mystery song and it seemed like she had no reaction to her accident.  Meanwhile, my foot is covered in pee and I force my size 11 feet into a pair of size 7 flip-flops that my para had in her bag while my shoes are sanitized and dry out.

This job is definitely never boring.

On a separate note... I hate SPED paperwork!!!!!!!!!  My school is doing the ABLLS-R assessments (for all you teachers) for the 6:1:1 population (the kids w/ moderate-severe autism).... and it's about 75 pages of questions.  FOR EACH KID.  Each page has roughly 5 questions on it... all ranging in their reading/math abilities, social interaction, hygiene, toileting, etc etc.  So 75 pages x 5 questions x 6 kids = 2,250 questions I need to answer about their abilities.  After knowing them for about 20 days.

I retract my previous statement... this part of the job is RIDICULOUSLY boring.  And time-consuming.  Boo hiss.

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Ahh the high life of a budding adult.........