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19 June 2008

Warm Fuzzies

It's become very clear to me that teachers are the most passionate group of people regarding their career.  My program at the university that I'm getting my M.Ed. from SOOO supportive... it's ridiculous.  There are so many staff members dedicated solely to us and our achievement as teachers.  And everyone just wants to help.  It's such a great support system and I feel incredibly lucky.  The only horrible thing is my commute, which can take anywhere from an hour to 1.5 hrs... grrr.  

I'll also be with the same group of about 100 people throughout the 2 years of the M.Ed. program, which is really comforting.  In all of this craziness and chaos, that's one thing that WON'T be changing.  I can't wait to see how we all develop as teachers and to share with each other stories and strategies.  (I know this is cheesy and ultra-positive, but don't burst  my bubble.)

In terms of my fellow classmates and future teachers, everyone has been amazing.  It's so inspiring to be in a group of people who all actually WANT to be there and are excited about the future.  Of course we have a very rosy view of teaching right now, since we haven't actually DONE it yet, but it's amazing to hear the motivations and reasons for some people becoming teachers.  And everyone genuinely wants to help each other and give and receive feedback.

Everything is a valid topic, question, concern; it's all just open forum.  I really enjoy the people I'm working with, and feel like I can depend on them already.  One girl that's in my group even gave me a hug as we parted ways after riding the subway (for an hour...), and it was just so nice and reassuring that we have those people to depend on.  A little human contact is always nice, and after all the stress and chaos we've had this week, a hug was definitely appropriate.

Tomorrow (Friday) we have off!!  Woooo!  But I still have a ton of errands to get done, then I'm having a friend over for dinner and we'll start off the weekend!  Weekends are going to have a whole different value to them now, this is for sure.  Happy Friday everyone!

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Mom said...

Being with a group of people who are supportive and caring for one another does make all the difference in the world. There is nothing better and I'm glad you're feeling that camraderie & shared send of passion so soon with your colleages and teachers. Don't ya just love a "warm fuzzie"???!!!!