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09 June 2008


That's how much I spent at Bed Bath and Beyond today.... and I didn't even get everything on my list.  Sigh.  On a positive note, I got an air conditioner (and got $25 off) and delivery only cost $15.  I met some really nice people in line actually who were from the area I'm living in and gave me great tips on restaurants and stuff.  When I told them I just moved here today they literally said "welcome!"... and it really did make me feel welcome.  Whoever said New Yorkers weren't nice must not be nice themselves... because as long as you're friendly so are they.

After a minor bank fiasco, I realized I hadn't eaten all day (it was 5:30 pm)... so a quick stop to Chipotle on the way home fixed that.  I also followed home a really cute father-son pair... he was obviously walking his son home from school, and turns out they live on my street.  It's nice to know that there are families in the area who do regular family things.  I also noticed on the way home that when fire trucks go by here, some people were like waving or saluting them as they go by.  I've never seen that sort of respect for firefighters before, but it was very refreshing.

Now I just need to get my new bank account figured out (I got a Tiger's debit card for all of you who were thinking I'd become a Yankee's fan).  And I'm anxiously waiting for my BB&B stuff (aka AC) to get here so I can get some stuff done.  Semi-successful day I think.

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