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12 June 2008

New York's greener spaces

Here are the findings of today's explorations of my neighborhood... 

For all of you Seinfeld fans out there... 


Morningside Park... right down the street from me.

Morningside Park again... note the huge rocks.  New York has a lot more hills than you'd think.

Central Park

"The Pool" in Central Park

General Grant's tomb... this is literally like 2 blocks away from me and I had no idea it existed until I found it today!


Anonymous said...

I've been to almost all those places!

Mom said...

Great pics! Love the one of Tom's! Columbia looks beautiful - and Grant's Tomb - I am so looking forward to you showing me around all these places. Can't wait to visit!

Hugs & kisses

jeff said...

Looks very cool - I am so jealous. Its great to see green spaces like that in the middle of the city.