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21 June 2008

Murr Lot

That is how this guy at the liquor store in Harlem was pronouncing merlot.  He asked me if I knew anything about wine, and told him that I sort of did.  So then he asks me all of these questions, including how "murr lot" tasted.  I gave some recommendations but he got confused when I started talking about sweet and dry and didn't understand how a liquid wine could be dry.  Oh well, I did my best.  

Also at the liquor store, I walk in, and they're giving away free samples!  Of gin!!  I was so taken aback that they were just handing out gin (and cranberry juice... together?  yuck) like we're at Costco and handing out free samples!  It's a different world out here.

In other random news... a little girl fell asleep on me on the subway today.  We were all squished and her head just rested right on my shoulder and she was out.  Very cute.


Mom said...

i am so blogged challenged, it isn't even funny! I enjoyed the Murr Lot story - and the free samples! Did they let you come back for seconds (and thirds)????

The little girl on the subway episode is very cute -

Anonymous said...

Ha that cracks me up! That man was struggling with pronunciation CLEARLY!

I am so so so glad to hear that you are doing so well!

Miss you chica