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10 June 2008

Moving in

Well, the cat loves me.  This is Paulie... one of the 2 cats in my apartment.  The other is a girl and looks pretty much exactly the same.  Moving in is going well... so far.  Another hot day in NY... my air conditioner is seriously my best friend right now.  Highlights of my day include buying a mattress (which should be delivered any time now), going to Whole Foods for some lunch, and going to Home Depot.  And now I'm just waiting on the mattress....

Tomorrow I'll embark on the adventure of a lifetime... IKEA in New Jersey.  Apparently you have to be physically present in order to order furniture for delivery... grr.  Should be interesting at least.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your kitty is cute! I wish I had a little one! :)