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17 November 2008

Get into the groove...

I finally feel like teaching is becoming more natural. Not that interacting with kids has ever been unnatural for me... but interacting with them and teaching them are totally different. Today was one of those days that just went by so fast... it was amazing! I can only list today because the Nyquill is starting to set in...

--For the first time, I feel like I timed the day perfectly. The kids were constantly busy and did a very good job at focusing today, which eliminated a lot of our problem behaviors. Which was also good because the ABA consultant came today and it made me look like a good teacher. Whew.

--I love the ladies in the office. They're constantly giving me compliments and telling me how cute I am (which of course, makes me blush)... I think this stems from the fact that I'm the youngest person in the school (besides the kids) and they like to baby me. I'm not complaining.

--I think one of my kids is in a foster home but have no concrete way of knowing. Asking the mom would be overstepping my boundary, but I really wish I knew. It doesn't change how I treat him or interact with him, but still, it would be good to know.

--If it weren't for the people I work with I don't know what I'd do. They're great and amazing, both as coworkers and as friends. They give me ideas, inspiration, curriculum, materials, laughs, perspective, and rides to the train (no bus for this girl).

--The average age of my new work friends is probably around 29... which makes me feel older. I've never had friends who were that old, but now I definitely agree that once you get past a certain age the number doesn't matter anymore. It's just funny to think that some of my closest friends were born in the 70's and I regularly counsel them on not being so scared to turn 30. If you asked me a year ago, I never would have thought I'd be having those types of conversations.

--I'm a huge fan of collaboration with other teachers, but for the first few months, I felt like I was the one taking ideas and worksheets and plans, and not able to share anything of quality. Finally, I feel like I have legit things that people want to steal... it feels nice.

--It's finally getting cold here. :( :( :( Although I'm not looking forward to the cold weather, I am VERY much looking forward to my first New York snow. I hope it's as magical as I think it will be. It probably will be for like 2.4 minutes and then I'll be over it.

--Haagen Daaz Fat-Free Strawberry Sorbet is to die for. Seriously.

--Oh, and so is Desperate Housewives. The end.

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Mom said...

OMG - one of these days you'll be old enough to hang with 'grampa mike'!!!!! but you probably won't want to unless you get jackie in the deal too!