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02 July 2008

Teachers need to make more money....

.... so that they can afford to live in an apartment building with a doorman who can sign for their packages because when teachers aren't available from 6:45am until 7:30pm, it is impossible for them to ever be home to sign for it or go to the post office to pick it up with their suitcase that they dragged down 4 flights of stairs because the package is 60 lbs and that's the only way possible they could ever get all of those necessary work clothes into their bedroom.  

And then when the postman doesn't leave a receipt of the package and the aforementioned teacher who is juggling about 4 schedules and is on information overload can't remember the original date of delivery 2 or so odd weeks ago, and the people at the post office can't look up the package with her name and give her the package to put in her suitcase, she doesn't have an emotional breakdown in the post office in the middle of Harlem in front of about 30 people in line.

And because she is an over worked teacher (and only in training, not even real teacher yet), she had to go to the Bronx today for NOTHING basically because people couldn't give her a straight answer if she had to work or not.  All before 9am.  Yep, all of this could have been avoided if teachers were paid enough money to have that all-powerful doorman.

Phew.  I'm exhaused.  One trip to the Bronx, 2.5 hours of commuting, one pseudo trip to the post office with suitcase in hand, one 5:45 am wake up call, and it's only 10:29 am.  And I still have commute for another 3 hours total and travel up to the Bronx.  And sit in class for 5 hours.  And write a paper tonight.

I'm just full of joy and such a fun person to be around right now, don't you think???

**Sorry if this post makes little to no sense.


Mom said...

Makes a ton of sense to me - I feel your pain :((

Anonymous said...

In the early 1970's I
taught Radio-TV as
a Vocational Instructor
in a Florida HS. The
operative paradigm
in that era was political
correctness, regardless
of if any learning took
I was in my own
personal Twilight Zone,
learning that the public
educational system is
a political animal.
Any resemblance to a
environment was purely

As long as it remains
unrealistic teacher pay
will remain a moot subject.