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01 July 2008

Lack of Updates

Life has been just so chaotic lately that this blog has been the last thing on my mind.  School is crazy and there is a ton of work.  Everything is really condensed so it's like 3-4 papers per week.  Starting on Thursday, I'll be student teaching in the morning, then having two classes, and then finally getting home.  I'll be leaving the house at about 6:45 am and not returning until around 7:30 pm.  And then still having to do school work and lesson planning.... it's not going to be pretty.

But I'm going to Boston this weekend for a 4th of July getaway with friends, so that should be a lot of fun, I'm really looking forward to some relaxation and beach time.  I'll do my best to get in a real post before then.  Hopefully people haven't given up on my blog, because I haven't!  Just been busy... :)


Anonymous said...

hang in there sweetie, beach time and a glass of wine will take care of most of your blues ( but will not,unfortunately, write the papers)


Anonymous said...

I wanna go to Boston w/ you! Too bad I am stuck in the deuce. No worries chica about the big work survived school here with the ridiculousness of work we had to do, so i've got faith in ya babe!


Mom said...

one of these days I am gonna get the hang of this!!

I knew your training would be INTENSE, but I'm sure I have no idea of just how intense. Hang in there baby -

And we will NEVER give up on your blog - even though some of your cousins were giving you some good natured ribbing on Saturday about how you sure didn't do the best at keeping up your blog in Germany :-)

Have a fantastic time in Boston - you are one lucky girl! I want to spend the 4th in Boston!!!