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17 July 2008


Today, I got offered a position for the fall!  I'll be teaching in the school that I'm currently student teaching in, and couldn't be happier.  Everyone at the school is so friendly and supportive of one another... I already feel like I fit in.  Tentatively, I'll be teaching 6:1:1 first grade, kids with autism.  So basically, little babies with autism.  I'm praying that I don't get switched to a different situation last minute, because I know that happens all the time.  But for now, I'm glad that that's what I will most likely have.

The principal just came into the room I'm in and asked to see me.  It basically went something like this:

Principal: Miss A, can I see you out in the hall for a sec?
Me: Umm sure! 
P: Alright, this might be semi-unprofessional of me to do this this way, but I want to offer you a posi-
Me: YES!
P: -tion for the fall, 6:1:1, first grade.
Me: Of course, I'd love to!  That's exactly what I want to do!  I love this school!  I love the teachers!  I love everyone!  (Ok this might be exaggerated but this is what I feel like I said)
P: Well we're really happy to have you, I think you'll do excellent here.
Me: Oh my gosh, thank you, can I give you a hug??
((hugging happens))
P: Alright well that's it, congratulations and welcome!

So basically, yeah, I was awkward and giddy but I was soooo excited.  My cooperating teacher gave me the recommendation and knew I was getting the offer today and said she tried so hard not to tell me this morning.  

I'm just so amazed that it happened so easily!  No interview, no demo lesson.... I mean I've talked to the Principal before and she's seen me interact w/ the kids, but nothing really super structured.  Those sort of things always make me really nervous, so I just feel so so lucky and blessed!

Anyways, I will write more later... time to go celebrate!


Mom said...

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH - It is definetly celebration time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to you my awesome daughter! You deserve it so very much and your kids will be beyond blessed!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Congrats Chica! I am so happy for you!!!!!! I wish I could jump up n down and shower you with hugs of celebration! You are amazing!


Anonymous said...

congratulations killer! i'm sooo happy for you!!! i know this is my first comment, but i've been reading and keeping up with you and glad to read how you're doing...and that evertyhing is going so well for you! i miss you like crazy!! <3


auntie said...

Good job MANYC! I'm sure you'll do just great. I love reading your blog even though this is my first comment. Miss you babe.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Congratulations on landing the job. Apparently you're much appreciated at your school, and that's what it takes. Make yourself indispensable.

BTW, I arrived here via Frumteacher's blogroll. I'm a sucker for anything with NY or NYC in it, having grown up on Long Island (now living in Oregon).