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09 March 2009

Stupid and retarded

I hate those words.

Today, one 12-year-old boy classified as having an emotional behavior disorder called another 12-year-old boy with high functioning Autism "stupid and retarded".

They were all sitting at a table waiting for the bus, and MK (mean kid, the one with emotional problems) was talking to another student about SK (smart kid, the one with Autism). Now SK does have a tendency to constantly talk and because of his Autism, he doesn't always catch onto social cues and can often talk your ear off. So MK goes "look at this clown, he never shuts up!!! He's so stupid and retarded.... like he doesn't shut up... no wonder he's in special ed... GOD, what a f***ing retard, shut the f*** up!!!" (and yes, that's pretty much verbatim).

Of course I immediately went over there and told him that I never want to hear him say that again or there will be consequences, and he's all like "but, but, he never stops talking! But Miss A, but but but".... ugh. I told him I don't care what the situation is but I never want to hear it again. He stopped and apologized to both me and SK.

I went over to SK and told him that he shouldn't take what MK was saying seriously, that he's obviously having a bad day and that he's not in any way stupid. SK told me that he knows that MK doesn't really mean it and that he's still his friend anyways. He said that he needs to work on being nice but we all have things to work on, and that he doesn't think MK is a bad person just because he does bad things. At that moment my heart pretty much broke into a million pieces.

But here's the kicker, Smart Kid is indeed smarter than Mean Kid, in terms of grade level functioning. In both reading and math. Mean Kid doesn't realize that he is in special ed. as well. There are so many things I could say about having kids with emotional behavior disorders and Autism in the same building, but that's another post for another day.

Moral of the story: There are some pure and amazing souls (like SK) out there who don't pass judgement even if someone is mean to them. Thank God for those people, you know?


Mom said...

GREAT post - with a great lesson we all need to remember. It's so easy to pass judgement - and more times than not our 'judgement' is just plain wrong. I'm so so glad you are in exactly the place you are right now - God put you in that exact spot for a reason and those kids are reaping the benefits of YOU!

Maris said...

Aww wow, I think Smart Kid is even smarter than ME for what he said. Imagine a kid being so wise.

Beth said...

Not really related to your topic but...

I almost said "what's your f*&^*&^ problem to one of my students this week!


Jason said...

What grade level do you teach?

I ebt you mean kid would have been pissed off as hell if sk said something like that back. Those types of people expect to give others hell, but don't expect hell back. I know what you are talking about.

My school is Gifted/Regular/Special mixed togther. THere are teachrs for each, but at this level(6-12) in Louisiana they only are inclusive very little of the day.

Gifted goes 45 minutes a day. It depends on the student for how long they are in special ed.

Some special ed teachers and aides have some problems.

(I'm 8th giifted in Louisiana. I most likely want to be a Social Studies teacher)

Alex at BB said...

Hi Miss Adventurous, wanted to invite you to a DonorsChoose event with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday. It is very late notice but if your interested please email me as early as you can on Monday.

Angela said...

Haven't heard a peep from you since this post in March...everything okay?