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26 February 2009

I lied.

I lied re: a meaningful post happening today.

I went to the dentist (which scares the bejeebees out of me), braved the Trader Joe's crowd, came home and accidentally fell asleep at 7. Until 10. Oops. My dinner consisted of a few pieces of french baguette and fresh mozzarella... which is SO not a dinner.

Short version - kids are doing VERY well actually, I'm finally getting the hang of some important classroom technology, and meshing with my staff the way that I'd always wanted. So things are good. Oh! And we got "well developed" on our big review thing, which is the best score, so everyone is happy about that too.

More detail to come!


Beth said...

Yeah! nice to see from you. This is been a long first week back for me. Happy Friday!

Mom said...

Congrats on:
1.) Braving the big bad dentist!
2.) You're well developed rating

You've had a pretty big week!!

Maris said...

Haha - sometimes I have cheese & crackers for dinner. Nothing wrong with that one!