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21 January 2009

More sickness

Ugh I'm officially really sick. Like had to go to the doctor type sick. I haaate the doctor so it was especially annoying because I didn't really have a doctor here in New York, until yesterday. And I don't like having to settle on a doctor based on what doctor could get me in that day to see me, but it actually turned out ok and she was really nice. Completely 1970's style office, but good doctor I think.

And the verdict: bronchitis and the flu. :(

They prescribed me an antibiotic for the bronchitis so now I'm just riding it out. I'm already feeling better. The doctor told me to take two days off from work, and to go back on Friday, but I might go back tomorrow. I'm already feeling better and just hate staying home doing nothing.

One of my favorite coworkers just called me and told me how much they missed me today... having someone say you're missed is one of the best things to hear, don't you think?


Mom said...

Feel better lovey!!! I'm sure your kids are missing you, but you need to take care of yourself!

Donna said...

Kelly, I miss you every day! Feel better sweetie. LOVE YOU! Donna

Mom said...

no blog updates? I miss them immensely!!