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08 December 2008


Once again, another Donor's Choose proposal of mine has been funded (by random strangers nonetheless.... I'm AMAZED at the kindness of strangers).

Sooooo I've made a new one, of course. More opportunities to donate to my kiddies... woohoo! This time, I'm asking for a new library for my classroom. NYC public schools are obviously grossly underfunded and when I came to my school (as much as I love it), there were no books or anything for me. I was given a few left overs that other teachers didn't want, or that the library had extras of, but most of them were falling apart or are inappropriate in terms of grade level for my students. So time to take matters into my own hands! I'm requesting a bunch of books and some library furniture, because our current bookshelf is somewhat decrepit and way too tall for my little babies.

TA DA! It costs a ton of money so I'm not expecting it to be fully funded for a loooong time, but seriously, even the smallest amounts help.

((steps off soapbox))

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